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    Stateline Fury is one of the premier girls’ fastpitch programs in the Midwest, playing on a local, regional, and national level. We prepare our players to play high school and college softball through consistent, proven training techniques used by most of the top coaches in the country. Make no mistake, we are here to compete, but Furyball is more than playing the sport of fastpitch softball. Our teams are groups of girls that through their experiences, forge memories that will last for the rest of their lives. They become part of a family.



    13 National Championships
    7 National Runner-ups
    9 State Championships
    7 State Runner-ups
    191 Tournament Wins


    - combined 2019 record -


    Stateline Fury is seeking professional coaches for the upcoming 2020 season and beyond. These are paid positions, for one of the premier travel programs in the Midwest. If you're interested in joining our team, please contact:


    Mike Marszalec

    (815) 847-9345

      We have a few teams looking for players:
    11UB (1 player)
    12UA (1 player)
    16UB (2 players)
    18UA (2 players)
    For more information call: 
    (815) 847-9345



      History of Softball

      Wondering when softball was invented or who invented softball? Here's a quick history. The first game of softball is thought to have been played on Thanksgiving 1887. The 'players' used a boxing glove as a ball and a broom handle in place of a bat but the sport has evolved since then. The word 'softball' first entered common usage in 1930, with standardized rules for the game drawn up in 1934. Originally seen as a way for baseball players to keep fit during the winter, softball is now a popular sport in its own regard.  In 1996, softball was included in the Olympics for the first time. 




      Combines are relatively new to the softball recruiting world and provide critical information to softball coaches. During these events, we test our players on key athletic and softball measures then compare them to the national averages to see how your athlete stacks up.   


         Measurable's Tested:

         20-Yard Sprint

          Pro Shuttle (5-10-5)

          Vertical Jump

          Broad Jump

          Ball Exit Speed 

          Bat Speed 

        Grip Strength

        Overhand Throw Velocity

        Fastest Pitch Velocity

        Change-Up Velocity

        Catchers Pop Time

      Pitching Speed:

      Top Speed
         37-41 MPH
      43-46 MPH
         44-47 MPH
      50-53 MPH
         46-49 MPH
      52-55 MPH
         50-53 MPH
      54-57 MPH
         53-56 MPH
      58-61 MPH
         59-64 MPH
      65-72 MPH

      Stateline Sports Group

      Phone: (815) 312-5143

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