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    Stateline Fury is one of the premier girls’ fastpitch programs in the Midwest. We prepare our players to play high school and college softball through proven training techniques used by the top coaches in the country. Stateline Fury teams compete at the highest levels, but “furyball” is more than playing the sport of fastpitch softball. Our teams are groups of girls that forge memories that will last for the rest of their lives. They become part of a family.




    608 players/alumni

    42 head coaches

    One big family!

    14 National Championships
    8 National Runner-ups
    10 State Championships
    4 State Runner-ups
    225 Tournament Wins

    “The key is not the will to win. Everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important."    
    Bobby Knight

    “Nothing will work unless you do.” 
    – John Wooden, Basketball

    - combined 2020 record -
    263 - 179 - 15


    2nd Place 10
    3rd Place 10

    Still looking for a team?

    We have a few teams looking to add players to round off their rosters:  

                       Team Coach Players
        8UF   Dayton Smith (2)
      10UF   Dayton Smith (1)
      10UB   Julio Rivas (1)
     11UO   Brandy Jensen (1)
      14UA   Brad Bach (1)
      16UA   Denny McKinney (1)

    (private tryouts available upon request)



      Team Coach
        8UF Dayton Smith
        9UO Brandon Jackson
      10UF Dayton Smith
      10UB Julio Rivas
      11UO Meghan Fuentes
      11UO Brandy Jensen
      12UA Erik Wintlend
      13UA Jake Nevdal
      14UA Brad Bach
      14UA Mike Marszalec
      15UO Ben Race
      16UA Denny McKinney

    Signs of severe dehydration include:

    • Not peeing or having a very dark yellow pee.
    • Very dry skin.
    • Feeling dizzy.
    • Rapid heartbeat.
    • Rapid breathing.
    • Sunken eyes.
    • Sleepiness, lack of energy, confusion or irritability.
    • Fainting.

    Stateline Sports Group

    Phone: (815) 312-5143

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