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    The Stateline Fury is the area's premier fastpitch travel program. Stateline offers the most all inclusive fastpitch training programs with the most experienced instructors to give you the best opportunity  in the development of our players. 


    Stateline Fury Program Training

    The Stateline Fury program prides themselves in providing additional skill training above our standard team training. We offer the different skill training periodically throughout the year using some of the finest instructors in the area.  Please check back here on a regular basis for training announcements.

    Coaches Training

    November 18th 4:30-6PM

    Slapping Training

    November 14th, 21st, & 28th
    Beginners- 7-7:45

    Program Training

    November 19th & 26th 12:30-6:00
    3rd Base & Middle Infield  

    (13U & 14U -12:30-2:30)
    (11U & 12U - 2:30-4:30 )
    (10U- 4:30-6)

    December 9th, 16th, 23rd, & 30th 11-5PM
    (13U & 14U - 11-1)
    (11U & 12U - 1-3)
    (10U - 3-5)

    (Skills To Be Announced)

    New Extra Fee Billing Procedure Announced

    Stateline Sports Group Families,


    In an effort to help our Stateline Sports Group families with the extra fee charges we have changed our billing procedure. We have copied below from our Fees, Policies, & Generals Information section of the our website, and from the player registration forms everyone completed upon registering for the program to remind everyone exactly what the extra fee charge is generally for.


    Extra Fees

    All tournaments will be considered an extra fee. The extra tournament fee will include the entry fee , any parking fees , coach’s tournament per diem, and travel expenses. The total of the items will be then divided by the number of rostered players and billed to each family. Extra tournament fees should average between $45.00 and $95.00 per tournament depending on the number of days of the tournament.


    Each time your team enters a tournament the program is required to pay all entry fees, parking fees, etc in order to secure your place in the tournament. The program then pays the coaches their tournament per diem and travel expenses at the time of the actual tournament date. It has been program policy up to now to bill the total per player portion of the extra fee at the same time we have to pay to secure their place in the tournament. We have decided to change (Hopefully for the better) that procedure. Now when a team enters a tournament each player will get two invoices. Invoice one (Part One) will be the amount each player needs to pay to handle their portion of the tournament entry fee, parking fee, etc. This invoice will be due within 10 days of the invoice. At the same time you will receive a second invoice (Part Two) for the coaches tournament per diem, and travel expenses. This invoice will not be due until two weeks prior to the actual date of the tournament. With this change in billing extra fees each family will now have the option of paying both invoices at the same time, or delaying paying the second invoice closer to the actual tournament. We need to point out that there may be times when both invoices are due about the same time if a team enters a tournament and the actual date of the tournament is within 3o days.


    We have also asked all of our coaches to do a better job in communicating with all of their parents to let them know the cost of any extra fees prior to you actually getting the billing. Here at Stateline Sports Group we understand how important communication is and we have dedicated ourselves to improve on that facet of our responsibility to each of you. We hope this change in policy will help everyone understand the extra fee billings with options in how they pay them.


    Thank You

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    Stateline Fury Travel Fastpitch  
    7939 Burden Road, Machesney Park, IL 61115  
    Stateline Fury Travel Fastpitch is a Stateline Sports Group company.